We are a totally comprehensive manufacturer of podiums and lecterns, as well as ballistic resistant furniture. From design and engineering through final production, each one of our fine products is exclusively and solely ours. We begin with indigenous raw materials and American Made components, such as our specially designed EWP207 Lectern Amplifier, and with the minds and hands of highly experienced Master Lectern Builders, we produce incomparable products.

We monitor the quality of the materials and workmanship at every stage of the manufacturing process. We employ old world techniques and standards and meld them with cutting edge technology. We do not sub-contract.

Next we apply the finest, most durable finish in the industry following a scientific process while protecting the environment. We use state-of-the-art High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray equipment and hand sand between coats.

Finally, our 34 year relationship with the best box manufacturer in the industry provides carefully engineered packaging that protects our Lecterns and ensures that when they reach you they are absolutely perfect in every way.

We know you will be thrilled with your purchase and we guarantee our Lecterns for life.

Our satisfied customer list is long and ongoing, every week more schools, universities, hotels, municipalities, government agencies, banks, individual consumers, restaurants, stores, and store chains add their name to our list.

Executive Wood Products is located at 230 East Springfield in Sullivan, Missouri

Paul Alexander Founder

Jan Knight - PresidentJan Knight

Amy Lucas - VP of AdministrationAmy Lucas
VP of Administration

Randy Wallis - Sales ManagerRandy Wallis
VP of Sales

Cy Alexander - Production ManagerCy Alexander
VP of Manufacturing

Tina Siebenman
VP of Marketing

To Our Valued Customers:

When I founded Executive Wood Products in 1982 I named it to reflect the quality solid wood products we produced. From our first days, continuing through today, we pride ourselves on proprietary innovation, the best natural materials, and American Craftsmanship in every product. We are the largest single supplier of Lecterns and Podiums to the United States government and the preferred provider of Lecterns, for discriminating users, throughout the United States and 37 other countries.  By the images on our website you can see that everyone of note speaks from behind our Lecterns.

I have a couple of favorite expressions that came to me as our business grew and our impact on our customers became evident:

“When what you stand behind is as important as what you stand for.”

“Give me a lectern and a place to stand and I will move the world.”

When we stand before an audience and deliver a presentation or make a speech, our attire, content, surroundings, and preparedness are under scrutiny. When we stand behind a lectern that matches the quality and importance of our message, people notice.

Our product offering ranges from simple pedestal and tabletop styles to complex power-lift, sound equipped, and ballistic resistant. Our styling, design, engineering, innovation, and quality are unmatched in the industry. Our competitors are so enthralled by our quality and designs they pirate our photographic images and use them to promote their inferior quality products while attempting to reverse engineer our technology. Albeit you may find poor copies of our products from other sources, we are the sole creator and producer of Original Executive Wood Products.

For example: we invented industry adopted features such as the drop down laptop surface and the anti-feedback encapsulated sound box. Other technology, like our Float Technology™ allows lecterns such as our Presidential Lift to silently change height while maintaining its compound angles. Float Technology™ is rather complex and our competitors offer a low quality, elementary alternative. The Presidential Lift’s Pedestal discretely grows larger as it raises and shrinks as it lowers. To the audience the sleek shape of the Lectern is always the same as is their perception of the speaker’s stature.

Following the tragedy of 9/11 we began Research and Development on a line of Ballistic Products. In 2007 we formed the Executive Wood Products Protection Division™. Today we are renowned in the industry for our Ballistic Resistant Lecterns and Podiums. An example is our Protector™ that incorporates our proprietary Threat Elimination Technology™ and Easy Glide Technology™.

When considering a lectern, if it is built by Executive Wood Products in Sullivan, Missouri, it is the best. In fact, we guarantee our products for life.

We sell our lecterns through various online retailers. If you have any question about whether or not the Lectern or Podium you are considering was built by Executive Wood Products, please call us. We will confirm if your chosen supplier is truly one of our retailers. We are in our factory and offices everyday, excluding weekends and holidays, and we answer our telephones. We want to serve you.

I invite you to tour our website, find the best fit for your needs, call us if you have questions, and order your lecterns from our website or from the Executive Wood Products Retailer of your choice.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to serving you.


Paul D. Alexander